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It's a big world out there and you can't conquer it alone. Our


multi-lingual staff can help you understand and thrive wherever your business takes you. Whether you need designers that know local telecom networks, cultural experts that can help you navigate unfamiliar waters, or the best team of in-language support staff anywhere, our experts are on call 24/7/365.

SRVR Services

Telecom Expertise

The core of our business comes from our long standing relationships with international telecommunications companies. Our brands rely on us to communicate with their diverse customer bases via every available channel — email, social media, text and in-language messaging. We're staffed to cover all time zones in any language and help our clients manage their business across a vast and rapidly changing world.

Whether it's inbound or outbound sales, customer service and technical support or back office administration, we help our partners map a clear path toward profitability and sustainable growth. Additionally, we provide outsourcing solutions for in-language sales, account set-up and activation, PIN and account maintenance, as well as billings, collections and enrollment.

Telecom Expertise

Technological Wizardry

Necessity is the mother of invention...but hard work and expertise are its father. At SRVR, we regularly test and evaluate new technology to stay on the bleeding edge. Our hardware and software experts can help you build custom apps and solutions that keep your people connected and productive in any market or environment.

Technology Wizardry

Telemarketing Know-How

It's more than speaking the language... it's understanding the culture. SRVR's in-house telemarketers and customer service representatives know how to speak to your customers with the care and respect they are due. Our multi-cultural staff will take care of your inbound and outbound calls on any continent, in any time-zone, with the professionalism and integrity you demand.

Telemarketing Know-How